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The Office of the City Clerk

1819 Farnam Street, Suite LC-1
Omaha, NE 68183
(402) 444-5550
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Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

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City Clerk
Phone: (402) 444-5557

Kimberly Pulliam
Deputy City Clerk
Phone:  (402) 444-5552


The City Clerk's office provides administrative, research and legislative support to the City Council of Omaha. This includes processing ordinances, resolutions and related documents.

The City Clerk maintains records in regard to liquor licenses and keno operations within Omaha, lobbyist registrations, sanitary and improvement districts, claims filed against the city, proofs of publications, public hearing notifications, surety bonds, and oaths of city employees.

If you would like to receive the City Council Agenda by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You may live stream the City Council Meetings through The Knowledge Network.


The City of Omaha Charter can be found here.

The Omaha Municipal Code can be found here.


Sec. 2-81. Attendance at council meetings; journal.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to attend all meetings of the city council and keep a correct record of the proceedings thereof. After each meeting, and before the next regular meeting thereafter, the city clerk shall make a full, true and complete journal of such proceedings in proper books provided for that purpose.  (Code 1980, § 2-81; Ord. No. 36965, § 1, 3-22-05) 

Charter reference— Duty to keep journal, § 2.11.

Sec. 2-82. Presentation of petitions and communications to council.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to present, for the consideration and action of the city council, all petitions and communications placed in his custody for such purpose.  (Code 1980, § 2-82)

Charter reference— Presentation of ordinances and resolutions to mayor, § 2.16.

Sec. 2-83. Custody of seal, records, etc.

The city clerk shall have the custody of the city seal, the records of the city council, and of all ordinances and resolutions passed or adopted by the city council, and of all such papers and documents as are not required to be deposited with any other officers. The clerk shall carefully keep and preserve all books, reports, resolutions, ordinances, petitions, communications and other papers which may come into his possession as clerk, filing and arranging them in a manner convenient for reference.  (Code 1980, § 2-83)

Cross reference— Use of seal, § 2-272.

Sec. 2-84. Attestation of instruments, acts, etc.

The city clerk shall attest by his or her signature as city clerk and the seal of the city all public instruments or official acts of the mayor whenever requested to do so.  (Code 1980, § 2-84)

Sec. 2-85. Certification of copies of documents.

The city clerk shall certify, under his or her official hand and seal, all copies of such original documents, records or proceedings in his office as may be required by any person, upon payment of fees approved therefore.  (Code 1980, § 2-85)

Sec. 2-86. Duties in relation to council committees.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to notify the several committees of the council of the business referred to them, and promptly deliver to the chairperson of each said committees such papers, or copies thereof, as may be required for the efficient transaction and disposal of such business.  (Code 1980, § 2-86; Ord. No. 33778, § 4, 1-9-96)

Sec. 2-87. Record of licenses.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to keep a record of all licenses issued or granted by the city, and from time to time, or as often as may be required, furnish to the mayor or chief of police a statement of all licenses in force.  (Code 1980, § 2-87)

Sec. 2-88. Additional duties.

The city clerk shall perform such other duties as the city council may by resolution or ordinance require.  (Code 1980, § 2-88; Ord. No. 33778, § 5, 1-9-96)



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